Change Needs Marketing

In “Take It From an ex-Journalist: Adapt or Die,” a recent opinion piece for the Chronicle of Higher Education, Byron P. White has a strong message for administrators and faculty members about change. 

When I was a university professor, I appreciated the predictable cycles and traditions on campus. But having served as a marketing consultant to a few schools and universities, and having heard from numerous administrators at conferences and events, I also realize the severe difficulties that many institutions have in trying to transform themselves. 


Death, a Teachable Moment, and the Power of a Simple Message

Simple messages can have powerful results. That lesson was reinforced for me recently, and in a decidedly non-business environment. 

My mother was in the hospital; when things took a final turn I needed to quickly travel from a client site in China to my hometown in Georgia to be with her, my Dad, my brother and the extended family. Economy class between Hong Kong and the States gives you plenty of time to think and enough discomfort to ensure major chunks of sleep don't interrupt. 

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