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Your Business Message Matters More Than Ever

You have a message that needs to be shared, well and widely. The future of your business depends upon it. Without it, growth is really hard if not impossible. And no one can afford to stand pat these days!

For many professionals and organizations, however, getting a handle on their everyday messaging can seem mysterious and complicated. Jim Karrh, Ph.D. knows there is a practical way to stand out, at greater scale, even in an increasingly competitive and noisy world.

The Message

This is your story–clear, conversational, authentic, and shareable


These are all the people who can and should be sharing your message–not just the CEO or Sales but everyone connected to the organization


Message Managers create the culture and habits for long-term engagement and competitive advantage.

Sweet Spot!

Mouse over the messaging components to see how Jim can make it easy for you!

Clients Come to Jim with Frustrating Problems:

  • New sources of growth are tough to find – the crickets are chirping
  • Everyone seems to be telling their own story in their own way – inconsistency is breeding confusion
  • Their message is stale and undifferentiated – it makes them seem like just part of the crowd

You and Your Team Can Start Growing Again, and Quickly!

You might not need to change your offerings or pricing. You probably don’t need some big campaign. Rather, you can simply take advantage of the hundreds of everyday messaging opportunities with customers, prospects, recruits, members, volunteers, alumni, suppliers, partners, and friends – anyone who knows your business and cares about it.

When that happens, you and your team become Message Managers.

In Organizations Large and Small, Across Many Industries, Benefits Have Included:

  • Smartly growing revenue and/or market share
  • Better cross-selling and up-selling of additional products and services
  • Higher customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Faster productivity for new hires and/or those in new positions
  • Smoother transition to new leadership
  • Less pressure on the leader to be one of the few who “gets” and can share the message
Get Jim’s Tips on Improving Customer Conversations

Get Jim’s Tips on Improving Customer Conversations

Five Roadblocks (and the ways to get around them)

In today’s environment, customer conversations work. High‑performing organizations recognize the power of human conversations even as they confront the psychological forces that make them difficult to manage.

Jim Karrh, Ph.D. identifies the top five roadblocks that challenge effective customer conversations, and offers proven ideas to recognize and remove each.

Identify barriers to change. Get Jim’s free tips on effective customer conversations and get ready to transform your business message.

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The Science of Customer Connections
The Science of Customer Connections

The Science of Customer Connections

Manage Your Message to Grow Your Business

The vast majority of word of mouth happens offline, in everyday conversations. In “The Science of Customer Connections,” Jim offers simple concepts plus practical guidance for individual professionals, teams, and complex organizations to be part of those conversations in ways that grow their business.

Get Your Copy Now!

How to Get Started

It Is a Simple Three-Step Process

  1. You call (or schedule one)
  2. We talk and assess
  3. We create a plan
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