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Jim Helps Organizations Turn Their Everyday Business Messaging into a Consistent Business Advantage

Jim Karrh, Ph.D. guides business professionals, teams, and entire organizations to stand out through better messaging — which in turn produces better customer relationships, stronger brands, and more growth opportunities.

Whether his clients need guidance in the form of speaking, consulting, or coaching, Jim can offer a perspective rooted in his world-class experience and training. As a consultant and coach, Jim has served clients on three continents including associations, small businesses, high-growth tech firms, North America’s largest martial-arts organization, and a dozen members of the Fortune 500. As a corporate marketing leader he helped America’s oldest continuously produced brand of bottled water to grow again – building an integrated marketing and public relations program judged best in the global bottled-water industry by the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA). Jim knows you don’t have to be the biggest in order to be the best.

He is a popular speaker at events including The CMO Summit, Packaging That Sells, UB Tech, the Professional Convention Management Association, the Jim Beam Global Economic Summit, Euronet USA, and the Arkansas Executive Summit.

A Teacher At Heart, Sharing Knowledge For a Lifetime

A Teacher At Heart, Sharing Knowledge For a Lifetime

Jim has served on the faculty of three universities. His research has been published in top peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Advertising Research, Jourrnal of Advertising, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, and the Journal of Marketing for Higher Education. Jim’s insights and advice have extended from the classroom to the board room.

Jim is a regular contributor to the American Marketing Association Executive Circle blog, is an award-winning columnist for Arkansas Business, and is a guest contributor to publications ranging from the Orlando Sentinel and Memphis Business Journal to industry-specific publications such as Bottled Water Reporter. 

We all have a lot of brain and heart behind our businesses – but growth is for those who can consistently articulate its pulse.

One summer during my rather nerdy and quiet youth, I was invited to a program on a faraway college campus. I shared space in a cramped dorm, and met and worked with strangers from all over the country. The experience was life altering.

It turned out that I wasn’t quite the mild, withdrawn kid that I seemed – I was just unaware of the world beyond rural Georgia and how compelling it could be.

Sometimes one small discovery leads to a fresh view of the world and its possibilities.

I went on to study and work in finance in New York, and from there became a small-town radio station owner, then PhD and tenured professor, then CMO, then consultant, professional speaker, and entrepreneur.

That means I’ve interpreted the numbers, been the voice on the air, sold the ads, researched, written about, and lectured on the data, called the shots, advised others, addressed the room, and built my own practice.

And while all of that business experience and knowledge is worthwhile…at some point, you have to pay attention and really see the patterns. At times I failed to recognize them. Because of that, I was much better at helping others with a message to grow their businesses than I was figuring out my own. How often have you looked back and shaken your head over what you could have or should have said at an important moment for your business?

This is difficult work. Especially in times of abrupt changes and new challenges.

The good news for all of us is that whatever our sudden opportunities, scrapped plans, new identities, disappointing setbacks, and victorious leaps forward – they aren’t just random details. They can be the raw material that shapes a message for our next stage of growth.

Messaging matters. Every leader in an organization has to determine how to think and speak about their business before anyone else can follow suit.

Each step in my work experience has led me to guide other professionals to discover their simplest, most interesting truths. The discovery is well worth the journey. Because the message really begins to spread when others believe in it with you.

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