Jim helps organizations turn their everyday business messaging into a consistent business advantage.

A Message to Meeting Professionals

From what I have seen, planning an important event (virtual or in-person) is much like forecasting time travel.

Decision makers and stakeholders expect that your single event will be valuable at multiple points in time – interesting, engaging, and motivating in the moment but also driving new behaviors and organizational growth well into the future.

The right speaker can help you achieve both.

As an expert in communication, persuasion, and messaging for growth, I offer proven ways for all your attendees to be more effective in their jobs. That’s why clients say things like, “Immediately following the training one client association executed a successful fundraising campaign” and “If you believe your brand is highly influenced by the spoken word, I suggest you hire Jim to spearhead the process.”

Get Practical Guidance

For their part, participants have said, “It’s a message that the entire team can talk about,” “Introverts and extroverts can find a natural way to become your messengers,” and “Jim… is a great communicator, great speaker, and a funny guy.” People say they feel as if they are getting personalized advice from a trusted mentor – not talked down to, not given the same spiel that has been delivered dozens of times before.

How can we drive those types of results for your group? I begin with the foundation of what works – then tailor according to the needs of your organization and all of the people who care about it. My content is informed by clients large and small, including corporations and associations, and in industries as diverse as insurance, health care, consulting, business intelligence, manufacturing, banking, packaging, heating and air conditioning, martial arts, and more. Everyone gets practical guidance delivered with energy and a sense of humor.

Popular Programs Include:

Message Momentum: Accelerating Business Growth through Your Team  

Message Momentum: Accelerating Business Growth through Your Team

Loud, Clear, and Growing: How Businesses Stand Out through Everyday Messages

Make Your Message Matter More: Finding and Using Conversational Power to Stand Out

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