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Get Proven Concepts, Simple Habits, and Consistent Coaching

Organizational leaders come to Jim Karrh, Ph.D. when they need practical help with more consistent messaging and growth opportunities.

Most business people are already doing lots of things to try to stand out in a noisy world: advertising, websites, social media, customer-service training, and the like. They still miss out on opportunities to competitors whose products and services are no better (and often not as good).

Jim bridges the messaging gap that often exists among leadership, management, and other teams across the company. He works with leaders to refine strategy, but also works with mid-level managers and those in the field so that everyone can consistently share those critically-important brand messages. Jim knows from experience that you can “Manage the Message” just as you manage other key parts of the business.

Jim’s Clients Include B2C and B2B companies, Non-Profits, and State Agencies

Jim is in a rare position to help clients throughout all levels of their organizations. A recognized expert in buyer psychology, he brings proven concepts to the messaging strategy. A former chief marketing officer who built a program judged best in a large global industry, Jim understands the realities of managing. Through his work with clients on three continents and across many industries, Jim also offers fresh insights and best practices.

Are You...

  • Finding it difficult to get noticed in this noisy business world?
  • Noticing a lot of inconsistency in how internal teams communicate your value proposition — or even understand it?
  • Having trouble communicating without being sales-y or artificial?
  • Tired of your organization sounding like everyone else?

Jim Can Help You...

  • Achieve higher revenue
  • Improve differentiation and market share
  • Improve efficiency cross-selling and up-selling of additional products and services
  • Achieve higher customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Increase productivity for new hires and/or those in new positions
  • Improve integration of acquisitions
  • Reduce burden on leaders to carry and share the business message themselves

Different Clients Have Different Needs; Some Common Types of Engagements Are:

  • Co-creating and implementing messaging “playbooks” used across an organization
  • Strategic advisory for the leadership team
  • Executive coaching
  • Group coaching

Today's Organizational Leaders Can Benefit from a Guide

Jim Karrh helps organizations prosper through consumer and customer research, executive alignment, strategy implementation, and messaging. Our goal is to provide actionable assistance that is objective, informed, and clear.

Our work is highly collaborative in nature, involving a client’s people and resources with a result of transferring tools and skills back to the client. Most engagements are completed within four to six months. Many clients continue to stay engaged with new or expanded project work – or want to make sure changes “stick” through longer-term coaching and retainer services.

Rave Reviews for Jim’s Presentations

How to Get Started

It Is a Simple Three-Step Process

  1. You call (or schedule one)
  2. We talk and assess
  3. We create a plan
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