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You'll Never Think of Your Story in the Same Way Again

You’ll Never Think of Your Story in the Same Way Again

Through virtual and in-person presentations, leadership sessions, and workshops, Jim Karrh, Ph.D. delivers programs that not only engage in the moment but that also build skills, confidence, and new growth habits for the future.

Jim has spoken to thousands of professionals across industries — with a special focus on those who sell high-value products and services. His concepts are proven–and he tailors the content to match the needs of each organization and theme of the event.

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Popular Programs Include

Message Momentum: Accelerating Business Growth through Your Team

Every leader wants their teams to have a consistent, engaging message and stories to share. But many also see the symptoms of mediocre messaging and don’t know how to fix it. They might believe that they, and their teams, aren’t naturally equipped to stand out in their customer conversations.

In this program for high-potential managers and teams, Jim breaks through common misperceptions and false assumptions. Your teams will be equipped to not only craft a new, effective message right away but also make it stick for long-term results.

Loud, Clear, and Growing: How Businesses Stand Out through Everyday Messages

It is harder than ever to be noticed and appreciated in our increasingly noisy professional worlds. But you can stand out in a way that others miss: simply put, the way that everyone close to the business talks about it (or doesn’t!) every day.

In this keynote, Jim shares his simple, practical, and powerful Message Management Model™. Packed with examples, tips, and good humor, this program can change the language of the organization and the effectiveness of your customer conversations.

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Make Your Message Matter More: Finding and Using Conversational Power to Stand Out

Finding new opportunities can be particularly tough when “you” and your ideas are the main part of the business – and maybe you’re the only messenger. In this program tailored for young professionals, subject-matter experts, and entrepreneurs, Jim helps you learn to craft your message and share it effectively, consistently, and comfortably… without feeling false, sales-y, or like “that person.” 

Popular Programs Include
A Simple Concept for Powerful Results

A Simple Concept for Powerful Results

Through research and his practical experience, Jim has learned how effective everyday business messaging is a like a three-legged stool

  • A simple, conversational message (including great stories) that is easy to remember and enjoyable to share:
  • Enough messengers, the actual people (including but certainly not limited to staff members and current customers) who are equipped and motivated to share the message;
  • A few repeatable management habits that keep the growth message fresh, relevant — and a priority for everyone

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