89: Tim Pollard: Selling in a Virtual World

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The fundamental nature of sales conversations and executive communication has changed, and dramatically so.

The best response for you and your business is not just a tactical one.

Host Jim Karrh welcomes back Tim Pollard, a consultant and bestselling author on message design and message delivery. Tim is the founder and CEO of Oratium, a consulting and training company that works with clients for executive, sales, and donor messaging. His clients include Cisco, LinkedIn, Disney, IBM, and Salesforce.

He is the author of two best-selling books, The Compelling Communicator: Mastering the Art and Science of Exceptional Presentation Design and Mastering the Moment: Perfecting the Skills and Processes of Exceptional Presentation Delivery.


Check out Tim’s new video post, “7 Ways Covid Changed Sales Forever”: https://www.oratium.com/7-ways-covid-changed-sales-forever/

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