86: Clint Padgett: Conversations for Team and Project Success

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Does this sound familiar? There are teams of people in a business, many of whom have deep technical knowledge but who also struggle with communication skills. The result is that important projects too often fail.

Host Jim Karrh welcomes Clinton Padgett, CEO and President of Project Success, Inc., host of “The Conversation” podcast, and a ForbesBooks Featured Author. Clint offers his insights on the role of conversations when it comes to managing complex projects and helping teams to excel.

He is a proponent of conversation as opposed to communication; these days, leaders and team members alike often communicate well, but conversation brings clarity and that ensures the right things get done.

Among the topics that Clint and Jim discuss:

  • The important differences between “communication” and “conversation,” and the implications for leaders
  • The most common blind spots that leaders tend to have about projects, and whether those blind spots tend to differ by the scale of the project
  • How to build clear communication habits, even when your team members (or you as the leader) aren’t natural communicators


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