84: Alex Goldfayn: Sales Growth in 5 Minutes

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Our guest says that many of the top sellers, fundraisers, and revenue-growers don’t really like “selling.” The key to success is proactive communication, made simple, and repeated in just a few minutes each day.

In this episode host Jim Karrh welcomes Alex Goldfayn, a top sales speaker as well as a revenue-growth consultant. Alex’s average client grows by 15-20% in their first year of working with him.

Alex is also a bestselling author with a brand-new book: 5-Minute Selling: The Proven, Simple System That Can Double Your Sales … Even When You Don’t Have Time

Among the topics that Alex and Jim discuss:

  • Where to start (hint: it’s not by cold calling)
  • Why the phone is our number one business-growth tool…and what holds us back from using it
  • A practical way to minimize our fear of rejection and replace it with a positive mindset
  • The proper (and improper) roles of communication via phone, email, and Zoom
  • What separates those businesses who grow a little from those who grow a lot


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