83: Kwame Christian: Race and Other Difficult Conversations

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Some of the most valuable conversations in business are also the toughest ones to have.

Host Jim Karrh welcomes Kwame Christian, a bestselling author and Director of the American Negotiation Institute. Kwame is also host of Negotiate Anything—the world’s most popular negotiation podcast—and an adjunct professor for both Otterbein University’s MBA program and The Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law.

Kwame recently gained even more attention when he hosted a virtual town hall on “How to Have Difficult Conversations About Race.”

Among the topics that Kwame and Jim discuss:

  • The three-step “Compassionate Curiosity” framework
  • The value of “micro-negotiations” for gaining small, incremental wins that add up over time
  • How to have valuable conversations, even in a virtual environment with limited context
  • The vital role company leaders play in establishing psychological safety
  • The necessity of keeping our conversations on race as broad as possible – to encompass work, home, and community
  • Whether (and when) it’s acceptable to “agree to disagree”
  • …and the merits of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal!


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