78: Darrell Amy: Start Your Revenue Engine

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Why is it that so many good companies are full of people working hard—yet not generating the revenue growth they need and deserve?

Since he was in his early twenties, Darrell Amy has been working in both sales and marketing roles—and leading a growth company as well.

Darrell is also the host of the Revenue Growth Engine Podcast and co-host of the Selling From the Heart Podcast. He’s the author of a new book, Revenue Growth Engine: How to Align Sales and Marketing to Accelerate Growth.

Darrell says the answer doesn’t begin with sales or marketing—instead, the answer begins by focusing on revenue growth—both to new customers and to existing customers.

Among the topics that Darrell and Jim discuss:

  • The most common roadblocks when it comes to generating revenue
  • The importance of an “ideal customer profile” – and how to develop yours
  • How to involve sales, marketing, and everyone else most effectively
  • The changing roles of in-person and virtual selling conversations
  • How to begin a new trajectory of growth


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