76: Elisa Brewer Pratt: The Now and Next for Nonprofits

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Every industry and type of organization has been affected by C-19 – few organizations more so than nonprofits.

Meeting schedules have been disrupted and delayed. Key sponsors and donors have been hit hard. And many nonprofits rely upon volunteers who have their own business issues to deal with! Our guest is nonprofit expert Elisa Brewer Pratt; she says a plan for the “now” and the “next” is more important than ever. And there are lessons for the corporate side of the ledger too.

Elisa Brewer Pratt is a nonprofit rockstar, an engagement and membership life-cycle expert, and strategic advisor to 501c organizations of all shapes and sizes. The founder of Brewer Pratt Solutions LLC, Elisa specializes in creating and implementing custom solutions that transform organizations and increase relevance.

Elisa’s credentials include a Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential from the America Society of Association Executives (ASAE) and a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University

In the new world of COVID-19 Elisa is working with both nonprofit and corporate clients to survive, pivot and succeed.

Among the topics that Elisa and Jim discuss:

  • The most immediate questions and problems that nonprofits are addressing (and how), as meeting schedules are stymied and investments have been threatened
  • How some leaders are using this time of quarantine to innovate—and accelerate changes that might have been years in the making
  • The six questions that leaders should ask, in order to ensure the shortest path back to organizational health


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