75: Mark Hunter: A Mind for Sales

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How can you and your team sell with confidence and integrity–especially during a time of high anxiety and economic recession?

In a world brimming with self-styled sales experts and gurus, there are still a few people who are worth listening to. Mark Hunter is one of them. After working in sales and leadership roles within three Fortune 500 companies, Mark began his next phase of speaking, consulting, and writing about sales. He is the author of High-Profit Sales and then High-Profit Prospecting. Now Mark has a brand-new and timely book, A Mind For Sales – but his advice is based on timeless principles.

Among the topics that Mark and Jim discuss:

  • Whether the best advice during the C-19 crisis is to “keep selling” or “don’t be selling”
  • Why Mark is finding more opportunities for meaningful conversations than ever before
  • The vital role of questions for gaining understanding and demonstrating your empathy
  • Why sales is more of a lifestyle one chooses than a job one takes


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