66: Jim Goes Solo: A Lot More Great Messengers for Your Business

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In this episode of The Manage Your Message Podcast host Jim Karrh continues a four-part “solo” series of practical takeaways from his new book The Science of Customer Connections: Manage Your Message to Grow Your Business.

The second section of the book, including Chapters 5-7, is titled “A Lot More Great Messengers.” Both research and practical experience tell us that business leaders tend to underestimate the opportunity they have to enlist other people to share their message.

There are likely many people in and around your organization who care about it – and what others say about it. They might not know everything you do, or consider themselves to be great communicators, or even be comfortable in knowing exactly what to say themselves. They might need a nudge, some encouragement, and some tools in order to join more customer conversations. But they also probably have more inherent abilities than you—or they—realize.

Sure, company leaders are fond of saying things like, “We are all in customer service” or “Everyone is in sales.” Those statements are true! However, they also run headfirst into common assumptions and practices. Typically only a small percentage of people behave as if they are in sales or customer service (or are just a friend or advocate).

There is a lot of surprisingly good news that can move your team closer to that stated ideal. When that happens, growth follows.

Among the topics that Jim covers in this episode:

  • The differing strengths of introverts, extraverts, and ambiverts (who Jim calls the Nimble Majority)
  • How human intervention from the seller leads to better decisions by consumers
  • The surprising ways that Millennials are similar to members of older generations
  • Ways you can build the knowledge, skill, and confidence of others to talk about your business


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