67: Jim Goes Solo: A New Set of Management Habits

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In this episode of The Manage Your Message Podcast host Jim Karrh continues a four-part “solo” series of practical takeaways from his new book The Science of Customer Connections: Manage Your Message to Grow Your Business.

The third and final section of the book, including Chapters 8-10, is titled “A New Set of Management Habits.” Too often we see businesses put in the time and investment for new growth initiatives—only to see the initial enthusiasm fade as people get distracted and fall back into whatever they were doing before. That need not happen. Jim presents research and practical guidelines for overcoming organizational roadblocks, setting the right examples, and making good coaching a regular part of your business.

Among the topics that Jim covers in this episode:

  • Why the CEO or founder is often in a weak position to be the message leader
  • The 5 most common roadblocks to business growth initiatives
  • The business inflection points that tend to require some new messaging
  • The crucial role of front-line managers in making change stick—and what those managers really want from the leadership
  • What “connector” managers are, and why they are generally the most effective


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