45: Matt McClendon: How to Equip Sales Pros and Teams

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In this episode host Jim Karrh talks with his friend and colleague Matt McClendon, President of DSG Consulting. DSG is a sales-enablement agency that has, over the course of 25 years, helped more than 100,000 sales people in 30 countries—across industries ranging from hi-tech to manufacturing, business services, financial services, healthcare, and telecommunications.

What’s the work all about? The result is that teams of high-level sales pros are effective in what they say, show, and do in customer conversations – and that managers and leaders are coaching effectively and building consistency.

As the world of professional selling has changed dramatically, DSG’s approach has evolved to meet the needs of clients spread out around the world.

Among the topics Jim and Matt discuss are:

  • Common issues and frustrations that executives and sales leaders are trying to address
  • Whether there are any foundational principles that remain constant in this new generation for sales (hint: the answer is “yes”)
  • Pressures on sales people to get to the first sale quickly
  • New roles and responsibilities inside many companies, e.g. the Chief Revenue Officer
  • The nagging and expensive problem of message inconsistency, and how to address it through playbooks
  • What Matt is seeing in younger sales people (both at clients and within DSG)


Learn more about DSG Consulting: https://www.dsgconsulting.com/ (note Jim’s cameo appearance in the company video)

Browse DSG’s free resources including videos, briefs, and e-books: https://www.dsgconsulting.com/resources/library

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