46: Rick Cesari: Tips from a Video Marketing Pioneer

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In this episode, host Jim Karrh talks with a legend in the world of infomercials and video marketing. Rick Cesari had a direct hand in building brands such as the George Foreman Grill, the Juice Man juicer, Sonicare toothbrushes, OxiClean, and GoPro.

Today Rick is the author of Video Persuasion: Grow Your Brand, Increase Sales, and Build Your Business, advising small-business owners, entrepreneurs, and others.

It began, interestingly, with a degree in biology – then work in real estate, and business ownership. Along the way Rick has been ahead of the curve in direct-to-consumer marketing. In addition to practical video tips, Rick offers some surprising backstories of those legendary brands and campaigns.

Among the topics Rick discusses with Jim:

  • How consumers’ use of the web today is similar to the TV “channel-surfing” of years ago
  • The true story of how a floundering fajita-maker product ultimately became the wildly successful George Foreman Grill (and at the time, the richest endorsement deal ever for an athlete)
  • How to use video to build differentiation, even for a product or service that doesn’t seem “visual”
  • The degree of “polish” needed today in order for videos to be compelling
  • How to get started for yourself and your business, even if you feel like you’re behind on video marketing
  • How Rick worked with GoPro’s founder to fulfill the vision of a billion-dollar enterprise


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