32: David Avrin: Why Your Customers Leave

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This episode of The Manage Your Message Podcast features an interview with David Avrin, author of the book Why Customers Leave (And How to Win Them Back). David Avrin is known for speaking to business owners and executives, HR leaders, and entrepreneurs about customer experience and marketing. David felt that he was successful in attracting customers to companies, but the companies were then losing them after, and decided to write this book to help businesses see why customers get frustrated.

David’s book says that for most of the practices hurting companies, leaders don’t intend to harm customer relationships. The answer often lies in reflecting on their own everyday experiences as customers to recognize the issues. Many companies believe predictability leads to more efficient customer service, but could actually lead to overly strict policies. You must instead lean toward guidelines instead of policies (unless health and safety are at risk).

Many policies within companies have been around for so long that employees are no longer aware of why they’re in place or how they got there. These need to be questioned and improved to fit the customer needs today. The landscape of how customers do business is always changing and employees must keep up with these changes. Employees should be experts in their customers even more than they are experts in their products and services.

David shares his belief that it is more important for you to tell customers why they need your product than for you to tell them how their business will help your dreams. The most timeless advice to appeal to customer is to tell them how you will help them, not how they can help you.

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