33: Jim as Guest: Everyday Business Conversations

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In this episode of The Manage Your Message Podcast, host Jim Karrh shares a recent experience as a guest on the International Bottled Water Association’s “H2O In the Know” podcast. The questions Jim addressed are relevant to any “high-touch” business that needs to make the most of customer interactions—from the sales team or call center to delivery, maintenance, or service teams.

Jim pointed out the three most common symptoms of problems in business messaging:

  • Inconsistency in how different people talk about the business (“Cowboys”)
  • Not enough people sharing your stories (“Crickets”)
  • Sounding like your competitors (“Commodity”)

The opportunity to grow through messaging requires some translation. Mission statements or advertising slogans have their place, but they typically don’t reflect the ways that people talk in everyday business conversations.

Jim was next asked what characteristics make for an effective “messenger” for the business (hint: you don’t need to be an extravert) and habits to avoid.

When it comes to simple steps that high-touch business can follow, Jim recommended that leaders think about three areas:

  • Science
  • Social proof
  • Stories

By being strategic and intentional, you can best take advantage of the unique, everyday opportunities you have to interact—and translate those opportunities into meaningful conversations that will drive growth for the business.

Finally, Jim was asked about carrying the message across the organization’s website, social media, and community engagement. Jim also shared tips on tailoring the message for current customers versus prospects.

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