24: Rod Santomassimo: Dominate Your Profession

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On this episode of The Manage Your Message Podcast host Jim Karrh speaks with Rod Santomassimo, founder and president of The Massimo Group. Rod’s company is the premier commercial real estate coaching and consulting firm in North America. He is also the author of Brokers Who Dominate and Teams Built To Dominate.

Rod has been quite successful in helping commercial real estate brokers raise their income and decrease their hours worked—but his five pillars of success are applicable to entrepreneurs, business owners, and service professionals across industries. Jim and Rod discussed a few key principles that the Massimo Group coaches in its clients.

One memorable question Rod wants his clients to ask themselves at the end of their work day is “Was I PAID today?” The question is larger than the obvious interpretation. I PAID actually combines five questions that each get to an area of effectiveness:

  • I = Identifying exactly what needs to be done
  • P = Prioritizing effectively
  • A = Allocating your resources of time and money
  • I = Implementing
  • D = Delegating and Deleting activities accordingly

Jim asked Rod about best practices in pipeline development and prospecting. Rod replied with a structure he calls the “P-factor.”

P-factor: P + P + P = P3

This means: Value Proposition + Presence (marketing) + Prospecting (sales) = an exponential result in Pitches, Presentations, and Production

What about the role of cold calling? Without market presence it won’t work. But some brokers lean the other way, focusing on presence (Rod says, “They love being famous”) at the expense of actual production.

Jim asked Rod about the role of automation. Rod’s experience is that automation is good for areas of business such as processes, transaction management, and market presence through social media—but not for the message itself. Rod has been blogging for more than a decade, and at one time he let someone else take over his blog. It didn’t work. “It wasn’t my voice, it wasn’t me, it wasn’t authentic.”

Rod is now working on a third book, based upon learnings that can apply to other individual practitioners (e.g. banking, insurance, accounting).


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