23: Jim Goes Solo: How To Be Trustworthy

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In this episode of The Manage Your Message Podcast, host Jim Karrh “goes solo” to talk about trustworthiness in business.

In a time when communication is rapid, clients can be fickle, and the objective differences among service offerings is so thin, your ability to be seen as a “trusted advisor” can be the key to growth. Through his years of research and practical experience, Jim has come to see two factors as the way to grow your trustworthiness: expertise and empathy. The first is rather obvious and easier to convey—that’s why most websites, profiles, and sales language for professionals tends to skew toward the language of expertise. Yet without demonstrations of empathy, potential clients are likely to say “that person is good, just not for me.”

Jim then discusses his three-step process for building your trustworthiness:

  • Building Credibility
  • Developing Relationships
  • Mastering Client (or Customer) Conversations

The stages move from showing your expertise (credibility), to developing your audience, to using the power of professional conversations to show empathy and understanding.

Each level builds upon the previous one. Ultimately you and your colleagues in the business can become credible, competent experts plus relationship builders plus skilled leaders of the client conversation.

You might think of this model as “Ready, Set, Go” for the business. The “Ready” part includes your credentials and relationships. With those at hand, getting “Set” means equipping everyone with the knowledge and tools for good client conversations. “Go” means not only launching the initiative across the organization but also keeping it a priority over time.

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