Episode 5: Bill Boulding: The Next Generation of Business Leaders (Part II)

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In this episode of the Manage Your Message podcast, host Jim Karrh continues his conversation with Dr. Bill Boulding, Dean of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Bill has served as Dean since 2011, was named a Top Voice on LinkedIn in 2016, writes for Fortune and Harvard Business Review, and is frequently interviewed in top global business media outlets. Jim and Bill talk about the recent changes in top business schools, the real differences between Millennials and past generations, and how leaders can shape the culture of their organizations.

Bill speaks about our increasingly politicized business world, and how business programs have struggled to prepare students to navigate these sensitive situations. Although he knows business professors cannot supply the message, he believes it is imperative for them to equip their students with the knowledge of how to handle these situations.

Next the conversation shifts from the institutions and professors to the students, particularly Millennials. Bill starts by debunking the myth that Millennials are different from other generations in the need to seek purpose in their vocation. However, he does recognize that Millennials are uniquely passionate about understanding and connecting to the larger purpose of the organizations where they work. Then he talks more about the unique motivating forces in Millennials and the benefits that they foster.

Finally, Jim wraps up the conversation by asking Bill how executives can best shape their organization’s culture. Bill discusses what his colleagues learned through extensive CFO surveys. He talks about how “Coach K” has cultivated a thriving organizational culture for the Duke Blue Devils. Finally, he talks about living up to the culture you create.


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