Episode 16: Jim Goes Solo: Mangled Messages and How to Avoid Them

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In this episode of The Manage Your Message Podcast, host Jim Karrh “goes solo” to talk about mistakes in messaging – what he calls Mangled Messages. Jim includes not only his five “Marks of a Mangled Message” but also ways to get around them and how to catch them before they could hurt your business.

Jim begins with some words of caution and context. First, he says that we should not simply gawk at or poke fun at messaging problems without looking at their causes more strategically. Second, we should not let any fear of messaging failure keep us needlessly risk-averse. To the contrary, by understanding and avoiding the primary ways that a message can go awry we can have more confidence to stand out from the competition.

Jim talks about each of these Marks of a Mangled Message, and offers examples:

  • Not authentic or believable
  • Detached from reality
  • Focused on the sender, not the receiver
  • Delivered inconsistently
  • Not conveyed skillfully

Some of these errors are problems with the message. Others are problems with management or the actual messenger. Have you seen messages that are mangled? Share any lessons you have learned with Jim in the contact information section on jimkarrh.com or email him at jim@jimkarrh.com.

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