Episode 12: Scott Eblin: Leading at the Next Level

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In this episode of The Manage Your Message Podcast, host Jim Karrh interviews the executive coach, speaker, and author Scott Eblin. Scott is publishing a second edition of The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success.

The podcast shares tips on 3 foundational components for growing your business through messaging: 1) the message itself, 2) how to build your network of messengers to share the message, and 3) the management habits to shape your culture and help make it sustainable. This episode focuses on the third component of management. During the episode, Scott explains some of his methods of executive coaching, how to overcome life-changing adversity, and tools like his Life GPS®.

Scott describes how his clients typically find him as a coach. He focuses on corporate executives and key leaders within organizations. He explains how coaching has become much more popular over time. He helps others discover what they need to pick up or let go—it can be very easy to get stuck as the “go-to” person in your organization. In order to get to that next level as a leader, a professional needs to equip and rely upon a team. An effective leader might need to let of his or her version of “how”.

The conversation transitions to a more personal topic on how Scott’s health has affected him over time. Scott grew up as a runner and considered that one of the central things in his life. On a run in early 2009, his legs started feeling very unusual and he found out he had multiple sclerosis. Through some tough physical years, Scott started his journey with yoga. His balance and mobility were greatly improved as well as his coping with corporate stress. He hopes to inspire others with the life-changing power of yoga.

Scott explains that Life GPS® is a one-page worksheet that asks 3 questions: 1) how are you at your best, 2) what routines in your life help you be at your best, and 3) if you were consistent at living your best- how would this affect the areas of your life? The episode closes with their reflections and advising us to count our blessings and how writing your blessings down can change your mindset.

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