60: Jeff Amerine: For Innovators and Entrepreneurs

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In this episode of the Manage Your Message Podcast host Jim Karrh welcomes Jeff Amerine, one of America’s top experts in entrepreneurship and startup ecosystems. Jeff is the founder and managing director of Startup Junkie Consulting. He has– directly or through the funds he manages – invested in 90 startups and small businesses. Jeff joined Jim for a conversation about messaging and management for entrepreneurs and those looking to gain attention, stand out, and grow quickly.

Among the topics Jim and Jeff covered:

  • How innovators—especially those from technical backgrounds—can be passionate and extremely well-informed about their idea but stumped when it comes to talking about it, especially to laypeople
  • What separates the “investable” ideas and enterprises from the others
  • The value of a great pitch—as well as the accompanying risk of focusing so much on the pitch that an entrepreneur misses out on other opportunities to share the word
  • The value of Giff Constable’s book Talking to Humans – and how Startup Junkie uses it in working with entrepreneurs
  • How to best prepare for specific types of conversations (with potential customers, investors, lenders, and influencers
  • The important questions that entrepreneurs and business owners should be asking – and the things to listen for
  • The role of storytelling for entrepreneurs and growth businesses


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