56: Chris Tuff: The Millennial Whisperer

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In this episode host Jim Karrh talks with an expert on Millennials and workplace culture. Chris Tuff is the author of the USA Today bestseller The Millennial Whisperer. He is helping businesses bridge communication gaps between Millennials and the rest of the workforce—using strategies based upon both research and practice. In addition to his writing and speaking, Chris is a partner in 22squared, a full-service advertising agency.

Given that Millennials now represent half or more of the workforce in many industries, it’s critical to address them specifically in order to get the “Managing” part right for Managing Your Message.

Among the topics that Jim discusses with Chris are:

  • How the huge demographic category known as Millennials actually has several subgroups
  • The types of messages—both internal and external—that most resonate with Millennials
  • The key roles of face-to-face communication and coaching with managers (hint: most Millennials want more of it)
  • Some false assumptions about the types of recognition and reward most important to Millennials – plus the (free) ones that actually work
  • The phenomenon of “Pinterestation,” and the ways it is fueling the Millennial angst


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