41: Jim Goes Solo: Consultants, Coaches, and Advisors

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In this episode of The Manage Your Message Podcast, host Jim Karrh “goes solo” to guide you through the similarities and differences among consultants, coaches, and advisors (and even trainers and mentors).

The fundamental premise is that even experts and executives need help. The very best ones tend to seek it out, in an intentional way.

There are so many varieties of professional services that it can easily get confusing. Would you or your team benefit from “coaching,” “consulting,” or an “advisor” or something else? Jim provides some of these types of services for clients, and has also paid for and received some of those services. Each situation is a bit different, and one size certainly does not fit all.

Jim begins with a reminder that “performance”—for you, for your business unit or company—is an intersection of three factors: knowledge, skill, and confidence. He discusses different categories of services for help…keeping in mind that any business situation, any change initiative, involves questions about what people need to know, what they need to be able to do, and the level of confidence that’s necessary for making changes.

Jim talks about different categories, helping to clarify the areas of confusion that he tends to see most often—including:

  • Labels and language
  • The nature of the work
  • Financial implications
  • How to evaluate success


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